Picking A Good Storage Unit

If you are looking to store your items long term then you need to look into purchasing a storage unit. There are likely to be storage units all around your location, but it can be difficult to find the best storage unit. There will be features of each storage unit that you may like such as location that play into your decision, but ultimately it will come down to the quality of the storage unit. Here are a few different features that you want in a storage unit, and features that you should look for when you are shopping for a storage unit

Weather Proof

No matter where you live you are likely to experience some intense rain every once in awhile, Some areas receive a lot of rain each year, while other areas just a little, however you want your storage unit to have the ability to withstand the intense rainfall. When you are shopping for a storage unit look for any signs of water in he unit. Look at the ceiling for any sings of a leak, but also look at the floor for any signs of standing water. You do not want to deal with a storage unit that will leak during rain. 

Pest Controlled

Another aspect that you want out of your storage unit is the ability to keep the bugs and rodents out of your unit. When you look at the storage units look for any signs of bugs or rodents. Look along the edges especially for any signs of bugs, and then the fecal pellets of rodents. Most companies will provide a complimentary pest control service, but you should talk to the facility manager. If there is a pest control regime in place, you can ask how often the units are sprayed, and by which company. You do not want to deal with pests.


You want the security to be exceptional at the facility that you choose. When looking at potential units for rent, you should pay special attention to the security measures. The good news about security is that most storage unit facilities take security very seriously. You want a single entryway, razor ribbon on top of the fence, and security cameras through the property. If the storage unit facility has this type of security you can be sure that your items will be safe. You want your items to be taken care of when in storage.