Don't Ignore These Expenses While Planning For A Move

Moving is complicated and expensive, and it is easy to under budget for it if you aren't careful or if you have never handled a major move before. Here are some of the moving expenses that you can forget, but are crucial to a successful move:

Packing Supplies

Most household items need to be packed. This means you will need to buy packing supplies for those items that don't have their original packaging or for those that didn't come with their packaging. Here is a list of common packing supplies you might need:

  • Packing tape
  • Moving boxes
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • Sticker labels
  • Cushioning or filler materials

The number and nature of the packing materials depend on the sizes, numbers, and fragility of the items you plan to pack.

Insurance Coverage

Moving companies are partially responsible for the items in their trucks. This means that they will reimburse you for damaged or lost items or fix items damaged during transportation. However, the liability coverage has its limitations and exceptions, and it may not protect you fully if you are transporting expensive items. Therefore, scrutinize the moving company's terms and conditions carefully to determine whether you need additional (third-party) insurance coverage for the move.

Temporary Storage

If you are moving and you haven't secured a new apartment yet, you may need temporary storage for your things until you can get things sorted out. This means you may have to spend some money on self-storage facilities for some time.

Hired Help Fees

Moving is complicated and difficult; it can also be agonizingly slow if you don't have enough hands for the jobs. Having some people to help you with the packing and cleanup may help speed up the process and save you some money. If you are lucky enough you may get some help from friends or family members; absent that, you may have to rely on hired help.

Unforeseen Expenses

Lastly, it's also good to budget for unseen expenses that may crop up on your moving day. For example, your hired help may fail to show up forcing you to get emergency help at a more expensive cost.

It's advisable to get help the first time you are handling a move, and the help can easily come from a professional moving company. You can either let them handle the entire move or use their services for specific portions of the move.