Moving Questions And Answers

Whenever a person is preparing to move to a new home, there are many important decisions that will need to be made. Making the wrong choices during these decisions can make the process of moving to a new home far more difficult, stressful, and time consuming than is necessary.

Should You Clean Your Upholstery Before Packing Your Furniture?

Cleaning your upholstery before packing it and moving it to your new home can provide a couple of benefits. One of the main ways that this can help you is through eliminating any pests that may be living or hiding in the upholstery before they can be introduced to your new home. Individuals that suffer from severe allergies can also benefit from having this furniture cleaned to limit the amount of allergens and other irritants that could be introduced to your new home. Using a steam cleaner is one of the best options for this work as it can reach deep into the fabric and padding of the furniture. You should give the furniture ample time to fully dry before packing it as wet furniture could develop mildew or mold.

Can Professional Movers Handle The Packing For You?

You may have enough possessions that the thought of packing all of them can induce stress. Individuals that have injuries, disabilities, or other problems that can limit their strength and range of movement may struggle with this part of the process. There are full-service moving companies that can handle all of the packing that may need to be done for your move. The costs of using this service will vary depending on the number of items to be packed. An initial inspection and consultation is necessary to determine the expected costs of packing the possessions.

Are There Strategies For Reducing The Risk Of Your Items Becoming Damaged?

Effective packaging can be the most effective way of reducing the risk of items being moved becoming damaged. Unfortunately, there can be unavoidable sources of damage, and while you may be unable to protect the items from these instances, you can protect yourself against the financial impacts of these damages through insurance. Most professional moving services will be able to offer clients insurance policies that can cover your items as they are in transit.  

What If You Arrive Before The Movers?

It is possible for individuals to arrive at their new home prior to the moving truck. This is particularly true during long trips as it will be much easier for the vehicles to become separated. Being prepared for this possibility will require you to keep the items that will be needed first in your vehicle. This simple act can keep you comfortable while you wait on the moving truck to arrive.