Tips For Using A Self-Storage Unit

Utilizing a self-storage unit is a great way to ensure that items you value will be in good shape when you need them. To accomplish that goal, though, you should consider a few specific tips before you select a unit and use it.

Create a Map

Before a single item goes into the unit, it's a good idea to draw a map of what's going in and where it is located. Prioritize items based on which ones you'll most likely need to pull out of the unit most often. If possible, try to leave yourself a trail through the middle or the side of the self storage unit to get access to all parts of it. Take photographs of the unit before closing it up.

Measure items, too. This will help you to calculate how much space you'll need instead of haphazardly stuffing the unit. It's better to have a moment of realization about needing more space when you're sitting there with a pen and paper in hand than when you're halfway through unloading a truck.

Look for Guarantees

Some states and municipalities require storage companies to carry insurance, but you should always directly ask what the company's coverage is. Ask for written proof of insurance. If they offer any guarantees, make sure to get those in writing, too.

Find a Climate-Controlled Self Storage

Some items need to be kept in specific conditions, both in terms of temperature and humidity. Wood, in particular, can have issues with warping if it's not kept in climate-controlled storage, and clothing often has similar problems. Some plastics and paints will also fade in units that get too warm. Glass can break in cold conditions.

Ask about Tools

While self storage implies you'll be doing all the work of carting things in and out of units yourself, it never hurts to ask for a little help. Inquire about whether the company offers hand trucks, padding, straps, and packing materials. Even if you have to pay a fee, the added convenience can be a difference-maker.

Calculate Costs

In the world of self-storage units, size matters. A 5'-by-5' unit with no features should cost about $40 to $50 per month. Moving up to a 10'-by-15' unit will cost between $75 and $140 per month for a plain unit, and $115 to $150 for a climate-controlled self-storage unit. 20'-by-20' units usually rent for $225 and up. Items like padlocks are usually extra.

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