Protect The Bottoms Of Your Items In A Storage Unit

When you rent a storage unit, your instinct may be to just show up and start stacking things inside, placing them directly on the floor. However, there is a bit of an issue with this approach. Most storage unit floors are made from concrete, and no matter what the storage company does, there is a chance the floors will have moisture on them whenever the temperature changes outside. There's also a chance someone renting a neighboring unit may spill a liquid that seeps over into your storage unit. Both of these scenarios can result in wet, ruined items. So, if you want to keep your things in good shape, you need to protect them while they are in storage. 

Here are some options for doing just that. You may wish to do all or one of these things, depending on what you're storing and what you have on hand.

Put items on pallets.

Wood pallets are perhaps the easiest and most available solution for keeping items off the floor of your storage unit. Many warehouses are willing to give away slightly broken, worn pallets for free. You can also purchase them at many lumber yards for a few dollars apiece. If you're storing anything particularly moisture-sensitive, you may also want to put a tarp over the pallet before placing items on top of it. This will keep your stored items from wicking moisture up from the pallet.

Store items in plastic totes.

If you're primarily storing small things, you could just put them in plastic tote boxes rather than in cardboard boxes. The plastic forms enough of a barrier between the water and any items inside the tote to protect them. The cost of plastic totes can add up. If you are trying to keep your budget low, you could put plastic totes on the bottom of all your stacks and then put cardboard boxes on top of the totes.

Buy a plastic shelving unit for smaller items.

Another good option is to buy an inexpensive plastic shelving unit at a home goods store. Use it to store small items and even small boxes of items. The water won't travel up the plastic or weaken it. And since these units are inexpensive, you won't feel bad throwing them away or donating them when you no longer need the storage unit.

When you put items in a storage unit, keep them off the floor. Even in the nicest storage unit, there is a chance of moisture exposure if you stack things directly on the concrete. The ideas above should help! For more information about storing items with a storage company, contact a local facility.